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On our organic farm located in the Tarn region, we grow different varieties of cereals and legumes including barley, wheat and rye which we transform into our own farmed beer.


Our Procces

Our brewing process combines traditional methods with innovative techniques, ensuring that each batch of beer meets our high standards of excellence.


Our Ingredients

We make sure to choose and grow the best barley and source meticulously the finest european hops to ensure the highest quality and taste in every beer we brew.


Certified Organic Farming

Our commitment to organic farming is reflected in our certification by Agriculture Biologique, guaranteeing that our ingredients are sustainably and responsibly grown.

Where can you find our beer

We work with beer merchants, grocery stores  throughout France.
Our History

Our Story

Located in Garrigues in the Tarn department, in between Toulouse and Albi, we have been farmers for 3 generations now. We mainly produce wheat, barley, soya, lentils and chickpeas as well as 6 hectares of vines.

Concerned about the impact of our activity on the environment and biodiversity, we converted to organic farming in 2012.

Our love for amateur brewing and our vision to transform what we grow led us to embark on a new adventure. In 2019, we brewed our first craft beers on the farm.

Today we produce around 10 different types of craft beer on the farm, in our brewery. Pale ale, Amber ale, dark ale, wheat beer and IPA. The malted barley that we produce in our fields allows us to give the character to our beers. We also planted our first hops in order to be autonomous and to control the entire processing chain.

Sustainable Brewing Practices

Our Passion For Quality

At the Tanis Brewery, we’re committed to quality in every drop. From selecting local ingredients to using efficient brewing techniques, we minimize waste and maximize flavor. Our sustainable process ensures each batch is crafted with care for both the environment and your enjoyment.

From harvest to bottling, every step is meticulously managed to maintain our high standards. By sourcing locally and employing energy-efficient methods, we reduce our carbon footprint without compromising on taste. Enjoy a Tanis Beer knowing it’s brewed responsibly, with a focus on sustainability and exceptional flavor.


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